D.C. White West Point Officer Pants- Beige


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These Chino trousers, made from dead stock material originally supplied to West Point Military Academy, offer a blend of durability and style. The densely woven fabric, known as weapon cloth, contributes to the trousers’ robust and structured appearance, while the wide tapered silhouette adds a modern touch. The overall design maintains a three-dimensional feel even when worn untucked.

Key vintage details include a coin pocket and decorative stitching on the back, adding a nostalgic element without overwhelming the minimalist aesthetic. The side seams feature split stitching, making the seams less noticeable and enhancing the clean look of the trousers.

One of the unique characteristics of these trousers is how they age. The pitch of the tatami (woven structure) changes over time, deepening the appeal and developing a unique patina unlike other fabrics.

Here are the measurements for the different sizes:

SizeWaistCrossing WidthTotal Length
4280 cm30.5 cm100 cm
4482 cm31 cm101 cm
4684 cm31.5 cm102 cm
4886 cm32 cm103 cm
5088 cm32.5 cm104 cm

These trousers are a perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless fashion with a touch of military heritage and a unique aging process that adds character over time.

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