D.C. White Ivy Madras- Blackwatch


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The “IVY B.D.” is crafted with the aim of creating high-quality dress shirts, akin to those found in prestigious American haberdasheries.

In terms of dress shirt craftsmanship, this item features side seams that are finished at 4mm width, compared to the typical 6mm width for casual shirts. The stitch count is increased from the usual 18 stitches per 3cm to 21 stitches per 3cm, adding a subtle elegance through the stitchwork.

The buttons are sewn using the shank-wrapping method (a technique where the thread attaching the button to the shirt is further wrapped with thread to increase strength), ensuring durability even in less visible areas.

Additionally, a split yoke is used on the back, a dress shirt feature that prevents the fabric from pulling away from the back, enhancing fit and comfort.

These meticulous methods were achieved through close communication with Japanese dress shirt factories.

However, the silhouette differentiates from traditional dress shirts, featuring slightly roomier armholes and body width. This design allows the shirt to function both as a dress shirt worn under a jacket and as a casual shirt worn untucked, making it versatile for various occasions.

Material: 100% Cotton

Made in Japan


Shoulder Width44.546.548.5
Sleeve Length59.360.361.3


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